Barn XO - Filamento
BarnXO faced the challenge of outgrowing their existing production space and sought a larger facility to accommodate a showroom for their reclaimed wood furniture creations.
The integrated "smart" technology within the new lighting system added an extra layer of advantage, giving BarnXO the convenience of zone grouping, dimming, scheduling, and remote access control.
This strategic lighting solution effectively addressed their lighting needs and also proved to be a cost-efficient investment, aligning seamlessly with BarnXO's objectives.
The Challenge
BarnXO was struggling to find the right solution to light their new 15,000 square foot retail showroom where they display custom, hand crafted wood furniture. Other solutions were outdated track style lighting options from retail outlets that lacked the right architectural appeal, provided inadequate lighting, and came with a steep price tag. They were looking for a unique solution that could be delivered quickly and affordably.
The Solution
When BarnXO discovered our VA6 lamp with the pendant mounting base, cylinder reflector, AND the added benefits of network controls, they were extremely impressed. Installation was simple, and the initial setup of the Bluetooth System was fast. "We love the bluetooth capabilities, which allows us to group fixtures into zones, dim the lighting when needed, and put everything on a schedule.”.
The Results
BarnXO achieved enhanced showroom lighting, an improved customer experience leading to increased sales, and slashed our energy costs by 40%. These improvements have elevated the overall performance and profitability of the BarnXO business.