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Retail Lighting
Filamento lighting is perfectly tailored for retail environments featuring high ceilings, providing an energy-efficient solution with superior light quality. It's an excellent choice for a variety of large retail spaces, including supermarkets, big box retailers, furniture outlets, and sports equipment stores. Whether used as original installations or replacements for HID lighting, Filamento's range of lamps and luminaires meets the unique needs of expansive areas and elevated spaces with ease.
Retail settings, regardless of their design differences, frequently share common lighting requirements and objectives:
  • Products require adequate illumination
  • Customers should experience positive ambiance
  • Minimize glare for visual comfort
  • Luminaire design should complement the interior
  • The lighting levels need to be controllable
  • Simplify maintenance for local management
  • Ensure high efficiency for sustainability and cost-effectiveness

Well-illuminated spaces and high-quality light

The light distribution in a space is critical to achieving the proper illumination. It’s equally important to light products on shelves as it is to have well-lit aisles and walkways. To achieve these results the light distribution from the source needs to be understood and a lighting plan should be developed.

It’s critical that the lighting enables customers to see and appreciate the merchandise. That means the quality of the light and the amount of light needs to be appropriate to the space. Filamento’s high CRI, distribution and light output ensure that in large areas, the lighting will get the job done.

Minimize glare for visual comfort

Customers frequently feel uneasy in brightly lit, spacious areas without understanding the cause, which is often due to glare. Filamento has developed proprietary optics and a distinctive design that nearly eradicates glare, significantly reducing the discomfort it causes. This improvement is clearly visible in comparative images showing how glare diminishes when HID lighting is switched for Filamento lamps. 

Compared to alternative “LED lamp” options, Filamento’s innovative design delivers superior, more pleasant lighting. This focused distribution of light not only enhances comfort but also improves application efficiency, leading to reduced operational and ownership expenses over the long term. 

Aesthetic and adaptable design

Large areas often use HID fixtures with decorative reflectors or cylinders. Filamento’s lamps can be fit directly into existing fixtures, or they can be installed as a complete luminaire with standard or bespoke reflectors or cylinders. Because the optics are built into the lamp, controlling the light distribution, the lamp can even be installed without a reflector for a more modern industrial look.

Installation of a lamp replacement or of an entire luminaire is simple. Of course, a reflector or cylinder can be added as desired by the end customer.

Lighting control

Today, controls are a critical component of every lighting installation. The ability to adjust light levels and to respond to sensor inputs is a must have capability. Filamento’s solutions come ready to work with Casambi or Avion. No pre-commissioning or gateway is required, there are no annual fees, and they work on a mesh network so no single point of failure will impact the entire lighting system. Control of the environment, whether for grouping, scheduling or scenes can be easily accomplished.

Installation and maintenance

Easy electrical installation and maintenance is a tremendous advantage for retail installations. Because Filamento can work with virtually any existing electrical infrastructure, costs are lower both as a new or retrofit installation. And, should a lamp ever need to be replaced or adjusted, the task can be managed by local or on-site facilities personnel as opposed to contracting with a specialist.

Retail lighting should be a silent, highly efficient workhorse in a store. If it’s noticed by visitors, then something is likely wrong. Filamento delivers reliable, controllable, efficient light that will never be noticed for the wrong reasons.