Woodstock Furniture - Filamento


Atlanta, GA



Over the past many decades, Woodstock Furniture & Mattress outside Atlanta, GA evolved from a warehouse furniture store to a mid-range emporium with quality pieces at affordable prices. It grew steadily as the surrounding region’s population expanded and prospered. As Woodstock expanded and experienced more success, Woodstock’s leadership could see clearly that the lighting needs had changed.
Brian Aaron, Woodstock’s executive vice-president, noticed that their store HID lighting did not provide the showroom quality lighting to showcase their higher-end pieces properly. They needed a brighter showroom, with a warm feel and less glare. They also needed lighting that accentuates the fabric textures, patterns, and colors of the furniture. Ideally the new lights would help reduce the maintenance costs and save energy.
Woodstock management initially thought that simply replacing the existing lighting with any LED bulb would deliver the energy and visual improvements they needed. What they discovered is that many bulbs were unsatisfactory because they delivered too much glare that proved to be distracting and uncomfortable for their customers.
Filamento proposed a side-by-side comparison test against their existing HID bulbs and a competitor’s LED lights. When they saw the positive impact of Filamento, the decision was easy.
The Solution
Filamento created a lighting layout for the store that replaced the HID lamps with Filamento lamps. Extending the electrical wiring was fairly simple as the load was not being increased and no new electrical capabilities needed to be incorporated. Though the solution called for increasing the number of light points overall energy consumption decreased and illumination was significantly improved.
The Results
Installing the Filamento lamps increased light levels 4-times from 20 footcandles to 80 footcandles. The space is uniformly brighter in appearance and the illumination is consistent so that dark areas no longer exist in the warehouse style building.
According to Brian, “Customers are able to choose the materials and colors they like a lot quicker with the new lights. The new lights made the fabric material ‘pop out’. Under our old lights, the colors and textures of the fabrics were washed-out and indistinguishable from each other.”
Based on such positive results, Woodstock ordered that all their stores retrofit their lighting with Filamento lamps. They consider the improved lighting a wise investment that will attract new customers, improve the image of the store, and benefit the company’s bottom line.