VALTO Uplight Accessory

The uplight accessory consists of an annular ring that reflects 15% of the downlight into a batwing distribution onto the ceiling. Indirect uplight provides greater visual comfort and enhanced environmental aesthetics, eliminating the cavern effect. Applications include retail spaces, gymnasiums, houses of worship and assembly spaces.

The accessory is sold separately and can be installed in the field without special tools. This feature enables flexibility for the end customer, while minimizing the number of inventory items.

Constructed of polished aluminum and weighing less than a half-ounce, the accessory includes polycarbonate clips for secure attachment to the lamp.

VALTO 400 600 Uplight Reflector Accessory Clip


  • Easy, snap-on design
  • Compatible with all VALTO 400E and 600 products including “VL”, “VH” and “Luminaire” series
  • Compatible with all power levels and CCT


The accessory simply snaps onto the outer edge of the VALTO lens without the need for any tools. See video link for installation demo.

VALTO Uplight Accessory Assembly Illustration

Example Rendering

Traditional prismatic HID reflectors create a visually comfortable environment by providing uplight that eliminates the “cavern” effect in large spaces. The Filamento uplight accessory avoids the latter effect and is engineered to create a uniform area of light on the ceiling.

VALTO with Uplight Accessory
VALTO with Uplight Accessory
Uplight from Traditional HID with Acrylic Reflector
Traditional HID with Acrylic Reflector Uplight
Description Product Code Part Number Spec Sheet
Optical Accessory 12″ 15% Uplight 03000 ACC-12-UA15-001