Ballast Compatibility - Filamento


HID Magnetic Ballast Compatible and Ballast Bypass
Filamento's products are UL listed for compatibility with a wide range of magnetic ballast types, simplifying the retrofitting process. In addition, our products are line voltage compatible from 100V-277VAC, offering a versatile hybrid solution.

Compatibility with Magnetic Ballasts

Our LED lamp is specifically designed for retrofitting existing lighting systems with magnetic ballasts. You don’t need to replace the entire lighting fixture; simply replace the existing HID lamp with our LED lamp.

UL Listed for Versatile Use

Our LED lamp is UL listed, ensuring its safe operation with any ANSI magnetic HID ballast rated between 175W to 600W for V2x products and 45-250W VA6 products. Our LED lamp’s proprietary electronics enable compatibility with all magnetic ballast types, including:

  • Metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and mercury vapor ballasts
  • Probe start
  • Pulse start
  • CWA (Constant Wattage Autotransformer)
  • Reactive Transformers

Our proprietary electronics even suppress the igniter of a pulse start ballast, ensuring smooth operation. The lumens output remains consistent regardless of the ballast type, making it a versatile choice.

Worldwide Compatibility

Our LED lamp is compatible with a wide range of magnetic ballast types, and we have installations in countries such as the USA, Mexico, Japan, and Germany. We have not encountered a magnetic ballast type worldwide that our product doesn’t work with.

Hybrid Operation

Additionally, our ballast-compatible lamp can operate in a hybrid mode. You can also connect it directly to the line voltage (100-277 VAC). This means that if the ballast should fail, you have the option to bypass it and connect the lamp directly to the line voltage. This not only saves on the cost of replacing the ballast but also eliminates the need to replace the lamp with a line voltage-compatible one.


Our LED lamp is a versatile and cost-effective solution for upgrading your existing lighting systems with magnetic ballasts. Its compatibility with various ballast types, UL listing, and worldwide installations make it a reliable choice. Enjoy consistent and efficient lighting with the ease of installation, even in the event of ballast failure, thanks to its hybrid operation. Make the smart choice by choosing our LED lamp for your lighting needs.