Socket Extenders/Adapters

Filamento designed its own set of socket extenders and adapters for operation with VALTO 150E and 250.

VALTO 150E Hybrid 250 Hybrid Socket Extenders and Adapters
CategoryDescriptionProduct CodePart NumberSpec Sheet
E26/E39XSocket Adapter E39->E26 Short03938SAD-E39-E26-SHT
Socket Adapter E26->E26 Long03939SAD-E26-E26-150
Socket Adapter E39X-E26 Long03940SAD-E39-E26-150
E27/E40Socket Adapter E40->E27 Short03942SAD-E40-E27-SHT
Socket Adapter E27->E27 Long03943SAD-E27-E27-150
Socket Adapter E40-E27 Long03944SAD-E40-E27-150