Cosmetic Prismatic Reflector

A cosmetic prismatic reflector is available to create a traditional high-bay aesthetic. However, this reflector is not needed and its installation does not alter the light distribution. The VALTO light source has integral optics that create a cutoff at 50°, eliminating glare so an external reflector is not required.

Some feature highlights include:

  • Clear polycarbonate with prismatic ridges
  • Compatible with all mounting options
  • No tool required to assemble to VALTO Base
  • 1.45 kg/3.2 lb
  • Optional uplight accessory to light up top of reflector and ceiling


VALTO Cosmetic Prismatic Reflector Certification Logos
Description Product Code Part Number Spec Sheet
Cosmetic Prismatic Reflector 001 03014 RFL-PR01-001