0-10V Dimming

0-10V is the simplest control implementation compatible with traditional 0-10V facility dimmers. The dimming signal input is at the modular connector at the front cap. A cable with the mating connector can be purchased separately. The unit will dim to 5% power level at 0.5V value before turning itself completely off. 0-10V control is compatible only operating from direct AC line voltage.

  • Required for use with 0-10V Dimming Control for VALTO 400E or 600
  • 2 Meter length x 22AWG
VALTO 400 600 Luminaire Fixture Dimmer
VALTO 400 600 Integrated Controls 0-10V Dimming Control
Description Product Code Part Number Spec Sheet
0-10V Dimming Cable – 2 Meter 3008 CAB-US-010V-000