Control Options for the Ultimate in Efficiency

Filamento offers a number of lighting control options to perfectly tune your lighting.

Built-in RF Occupancy and Daylight Sensor Options

  • Detects motion up to 49 feet away with RF technology
  • Daylight sensor keeps luminaire off even when motion is detected
  • Custom design your lighting program with IR controller
VALTO Integrated Controls Occupancy and Daylighting IR Remote

Bluetooth® Mesh Wireless Control Options

  • Self-managed through a simple smartphone application
  • Stand-alone system, eliminating integration and cybersecurity concerns
  • Gateway-free mesh architecture
  • No single point of failure or scaling challenges
VALTO Integrated Controls Bluetooth

DC Power Adjuster

  • Adjusts output to 50% or 70%
  • Allows end user to dim VALTO in the field
VALTO Integrated Controls DC Power Adjuster

0-10V Dimming

  • Compatible with traditional dimmers
  • Dimmable to 5% then to off
VALTO Integrated Controls 0-10V Dimming Control