Edges Electrical Group - Filamento


Monterey, CA



Edges Electrical Group operates a distribution warehouse in Monterey, California where the illumination is provided by T5 fluorescent high bay fixtures, a legacy lighting product. The solution is inefficient, doesn’t provide particularly good illumination on the stocking shelves, and the system requires a high level of maintenance.
Uncertain of the right direction for their warehouse, Edges Electrical Group decided to replace the old fluorescent lights in a single row of the facility.
The Solution
The test proceeded with Filamento’s V2L solution and the results were like ‘night and day.” Each of Filamento’s fixtures uses just 105 Watts and the patented optics eliminate glare that often plagues high-bay installations.
The Results
Light levels immediately increased from 5 to 30 footcandles. Employees could easily identify and locate items quickly and there was a noticeable jump in productivity. Lighting is even and consistent from the top to the bottom of each shelf and maintenance is no longer an issue.
Based on such spectacular results, Edges has converted their entire warehouse in Monterey to Filamento lights. The result is a bright, modern working environment, one with a higher degree of work safety and energy efficiency. It was a virtual remodeling without moving a single shelf.
"Customers and employees are impressed by the lack of glare. They say quality of light makes the warehouse more modern feeling," said Randy Phares, Outside Sales
"One of my customers noticed it was a night and day difference in his car repair shop," shared Antonio Diaz, Branch Manager.