Dean Street - KABR Group - Filamento


Englewood, New Jersey



Filamento's revolutionary lighting solutions have brought a radiant transformation to KABR Group, a vertically-integrated private equity real estate firm. By integrating Filamento's lights, KABR Group has experienced a remarkable uplift in its office space, both aesthetically and functionally.
The adoption of Filamento's lighting technology has not only elevated the ambiance of KABR Group's Dean Street office but has also significantly reduced energy consumption and operating costs. With Filamento's lights, KABR Group ensures sustainable practices while maintaining an inviting atmosphere throughout its corporate environment.
Filamento's lights perfectly align with KABR Group's dedication to excellence and innovation in the real estate industry. They have enhanced the visual appeal of the firm's offices, creating vibrant spaces that leave a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees alike.
Through this partnership, KABR Group underscores its commitment to sustainable and forward-thinking solutions in corporate environments. Filamento's lighting products have become an integral part of KABR Group's mission to redefine excellence in the real estate industry, illuminating a brighter, more sustainable future for its office.