Airbus Production Hall - Filamento


Warsaw, Poland



Airbus’ massive Defence and Space production hall in Warsaw, Poland was in need of a smart lighting upgrade. SchahlLED led the project and selected Filamento fixtures and Casambi controls for this high profile European installation. The modernization of the facility’s lighting needed to improve efficiency, provide more, better lighting, and apply intelligent controls thoughout the space. The solution needed to be effective in the cavernous space with 11m ceilings and skylights. Motion detection would decrease lighting when no one was present and daylight sensors would adjust the lighting levels based on daylight through the skylight.
The Solution
SchahLED specified 150 Filamento V2M 600 fixtures with Casambi-enabled devices (luminaires and control sensors), divided into five groups, with a high bay presence sensor controlling each group with a light sensor under the skylight, pointing upward; this measures the daylight level and adjusts the light intensity as needed.
Presence sensors monitor movement detected in five areas. When no motion is detected, the light intensity automatically decreases in a linear function. All luminaries communicate wirelessly via a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network, enabling effortless management and control.
The Results
The new lighting scheme produced fantastic results. Airbus reports 1.6x higher light levels and 71% energy savings, as well as noticeable improvements in worker-wellbeing and general productivity. Filamento’s fixtures almost doubled the lighting intensity from 680 lux to 1075 lux. The no-glare with UGR < 15 exceeds European industrial lighting and meets the stricter office lighting requirements. The no-glare illumination completely transformed the environment from a typical industrial high eye fatigue lighting environment to a comfortable high-end environment. The two-way communication built into the Filamento lights allows Airbus to monitor real-time data on energy consumption.