Filamento VALTO: Superior Replacement for Lunera HID Lamp

Filamento VALTO replaces the Lunera HID with an equivalent or superior feature set.   Finding a substitute is easy with the Cross-Reference guide. We guarantee you will be happy with the substitution.   You can:

VALTO 400 600 Light Source
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Lunera HID Lamp

​Example Comparison

Part #
SocketEX39EX39Same Socket
Lumen20,00020,000Same Lumens
Watts150230Significantly Lower Power Consumption
L/W13387Superior Efficiency
GlareNoYesFilamento has a Cut off at 50°
FanNoYesImproved Reliability
Size11.25″x10.3″9.88″x6.31″Filamento is slightly larger
CertificationUL ListedUL CertifiedFilamento UL Listed for ANY Magnetic Ballast and 120-277VAC
DLCYesNoLunera does not meet DLC 4.0

Optical Distribution

VALTO vs. Lunera Comparison Graph

UL Listed for any Magnetic Ballast

“E39X-VH” is the only UL Listed product to operate for any ANSI magnetic HID ballast between 175-600W including metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury vapor. In addition, the proprietary electronics enable compatibility with all magnetic ballast types including probe start, pulse start, CWA or reactive. The proprietary electronics suppress the igniter of pulse start ballast. The lumens output remains consistent regardless of ballast type or line input voltage.

UL Notice of Completion and Authorization

Magnetic Ballast Compatibiltiy Chart

Ballast Type175W200W250W320W350W400W600W
Metal HalideM57,M107,M137/M152,MH175M138/M153, MH250M132/M154M131M128/M135/M155/M172, M59, MH400
High Pressure SodiumS66S50, NG250S51,NG400S106,NG600
Mercury VaporH39H37H33