City of Vacaville - Filamento


Vacaville, CA



Vacaville’s important Main Street corridor had a problem with poor lighting that impacted people’s comfort and safety. The installed lighting solution used an acorn style lamp – common to older or historic residential and shopping districts. The installed light sources were HID bulbs. Unfortunately, these bulbs use a lot of energy and distribute uncontrolled or directed light which leads to light pollution and uncomfortable glare.
The City needed to make a change and understood that with LED technology, significant energy savings (compared to the existing 150W HID lamps) and reduced maintenance effort and costs would be possible and could lead to a rapid pay-back of an investment in new lighting.
What they discovered in their search for a solution was the Filamento post top solution that not only provided energy savings and a robust, reliable solution, but one that could also illuminate the traditional acorn housings, minimize glare, virtually elimination up-lighting, and provide better illumination of sidewalks, walkways and crosswalks thereby improving pedestrian safety and confidence.
The Solution
In the entrance overhang, the 100W Metal Halide lamps were replaced with 30W Filamento lamps that worked with the existing 7” recessed fixtures so no electrical adjustments were necessary. The Filamento lamps increased light levels by 2-times and provided a 70% energy savings.
In the service bay, the 400W Metal Halide lamps were replace with 150W Filamento lamps that also work with existing ballasts. This meant that McKenna BMW could keep their existing fixtures and electrical service. They added Filamento’s uplight accessory that allowed for even illumination of the ceiling as requested. Light levels in the service bay also increased 2-times and had a 70% savings of electricity.
The Results
In both the entrance overhand and the service bay, McKenna realized a 70% reduction of electrical usage and in both cases, light levels increased 2-fold. There is virtually no glare from the Filamento lamps thanks to their unique, patented optics. And equally important, in the event a lamp needs to be changed, employees can make the swap quickly and efficiently without the need of a contractor.