Filamento redefines high bay lighting with the ultimate high bay LED luminaire

Quality and reliability were engineered into every VALTO luminaire from its inception with a total rethinking of its basic architecture. Conventional high output LED luminaires cluster LED packages together tightly, necessitating heavy heat sinks or fans for cooling in order to obtain the necessary lumen output. Fans not only decrease efficiency, they are the leading cause of failure as dust and humidity degrade them over time.

To develop the technology for the new VALTO light source, many patent-pending innovations were needed in thermals, optics, electronics and ballast compatibility. Filamento designers meticulously pushed every component to its ultimate performance and cost limits to a successful solution.

​The result is the VALTO light source – An elegant combination of advanced optics and a heatsink design that allows natural air flow, creating a much lighter, brighter, cooler and smarter luminaire.

VALTO Patent Illustration
VALTO Patent Illustration
Frank Shum Founder

Frank Shum, Founder

Frank Shum founded Filamento in 2014 in the heart of Silicon Valley California, following his philosophy that with imagination and design excellence, the goals of performance, efficiency, affordability, and beauty can be simultaneously achieved.

Frank believes that only when we push past the frontier of the seemingly “impossible” can we make true breakthroughs and many times breakthroughs come from unexpected places. It takes imagination to recognize them and apply them to real world problems.

Before launching Filamento, Frank founded and led the Lamp Group at Soraa and became its leader and General Manger. He created the core technology behind the majority of Soraa’s first products, including the first true 50W MR16; narrow beam prism optics; the SNAP magnetic accessory system; the LED AR111, and more.

​Frank’s lighting products have received many awards, including the prestigious Red Dot award, the SIL Sapphire award, the Light and Architecture Award, and Department of Energy’s Lighting for Tomorrow Award.