Hops & Grapes

Filamento VALTO vs. HID

LED Retrofits for Wine & Beverage Stores

Filamento with Diversified Lighting renovated Hops and Grapes in Glassboro, NJ from 400W Metal Halide to 150W Filamento LED. The job was done in record time because the 150W VALTO 600 Hybrid operates with the existing ballast allowing for a simple swap of the light without cutting any wires. They also added the Uplight Accessory to illuminate the ceilings creating an open and inviting atmosphere. The new lighting provided 2x higher light levels than the prior HID and:

  • Improved foot traffic to areas that were previously poorly lit by HID.
  • Customers could now read the fine details on the labels.
  • Quicker checkout times as the cashiers can see the keyboards.

Summary of Filamento Benefits:

  • Immediate replacement that screws directly into existing ballasts.
  • 2x the light level using 30% of the energy.
  • 5x longer life than HID​​.
  • Low glare replacement creating better visibility of shelving and labels.
  • Optional High CRI for great color rendering similar to sunlight.
  • Optional financing $0 down and no payments for 3 months.