Distributor Warehouse Promotional Free Lights

Filamento VALTO vs. Fluorescent

Success Story: A Difference of ‘Night and Day’ in a Distributor Warehouse 

Client: Edges Electrical Group 

Edges Electrical Group maintains T5 fluorescent high bays, a legacy lighting productin its distributor warehouse in Monterey, CA. They are low performing, inefficient and require high maintenance. An upgrade is much needed. The new lighting system will need to: 

  • Provide better lighting so that the labels on the shelves can be read easily. 
  • Require lower maintenance. 
  • Be supplied by a quality manufacturer that Edges can recommend. 

Filamento extends a promotional offer to Edges, replacing one row of lights to the Monterey distributor’s warehouse as a test and at no cost to Edges.  

The stark contrast is a difference of ‘Night and Day’. 

  • A 600% jump in light level (from 5 to 30 candles) 
  • Employees can identify and locate items twice as quickly, a big jump in productivity 
  • Customers and staff are more at ease without the glare from the old system 
  • The lighting level is even, from the very top to the bottom of each shelf 

Antonio Diaz
“One of my customers noticed it was a night and day difference in his car repair shop” -Antonio Diaz
Antonio Diaz,
Branch Manager

Randy Phares
“Customers and employees are impressed by the lack of glare. They say quality of light makes the warehouse more modern feeling”
-Randy Phares
Randy Phares,
Outside Sales

Based on such spectacular results, Edges has converted their entire warehouse in Monterey to Filamento lights. The result is a bright, modern working environment, one with a higher degree of work safety and energy efficiency. It was a virtual remodeling without moving a single shelf. 

Diaz now uses his warehouse to demonstrate and to endorse Filamento products. This has led to multiple sales and increase in customer satisfaction. 

If you are a distributor, please contact us for your promotional free row of lights.